knock and keep on knocking

Why do things get worse when I pray?

If things get worse when you pray, this is a sign that you are going in the right direction. Continue persevering in prayer. Things may get worse when you start praying for something because it is the intimidation of the devil. He wants to tempt you to cease praying and give up so that you don’t receive what you are asking for. But, if you persist, you will receive what you are asking for if it’s in God’s will. The devil hears your prayers and will start attacking you in the exact area that you are praying. Here begins the trial, to see whether you will ask and keep on asking, or if you’ll surrender to his intimidation. 

God answers prayer. You must receive an answer from God when you pray for something. If you still have no answer, you must persevere in prayer. Too many people give up when they see no answer. They are wrongfully told that since the situation hasn’t changed for so long, then it must be God’s will, when in fact God never said it was.

The Apostle Paul prayed three times for healing since healing is in God’s will. Isaiah 53:5 is one of the promises which reveals that healing is in God’s will. Paul prayed until God answered him. When God answered him and said “My grace is enough”, then Paul stopped praying for his healing. He persevered and refused to stop until he received an answer from God. If you are asking for something that is in God’s will, and you haven’t received an answer yet, then you must persevere and keep on asking.

  • angel

    You mean answer from God or from situation which declares rejection to our prayers? How will God answer us?